Tourism Marketing: A Collaborative Approach

By Rhonda | September 14, 2018

What goes into making a location attractive as a tourist destination? Geographic locations are inviting to visitors for a multitude of reasons. However, one thing is guaranteed not to be what travelers are thinking about when making travel decisions – county lines. Yet New York State is divided into many counties, all with their own…

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Low-Cost Marketing Tools for Tourism Promotion

By Camille | September 7, 2018
Low cost marketing tools for tourism promotion

A successful destination marketing plan starts with strategy and is chock full of targeted tactics from social media to video, content marketing and more. The goal is to reach travelers and inspire visitation, but what are the missing links to accomplishing all that needs to be done? Today we’re going behind-the-scenes to look at some of…

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Facebook and Tourism Marketing: Best Practices

By Jessica | August 31, 2018
Facebook & Tourism Marketing: Best Practices

Social media and tourism marketing go hand in hand. Taking on social media can be challenging, especially with limited time and budget. In this series, I’ll explore best practices for destinations and attractions across different channels. In this blog, we’ll explore Facebook and tourism marketing. Ah, Facebook. The social network so popular, everyone from your…

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