Education in the Tourism Industry – It’s Everywhere!

By Rhonda | March 16, 2018
Education in the tourism industry- it's everywhere

At Break the Ice Media, part of our mission is to be lifelong learners.  Learning opportunities are encountered daily.  Obtaining new understandings and information is critical if you want to grow personally and professionally.  We consider ourselves fortunate to work in the tourism industry and this industry is no different than any other as it…

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Top 4 Trendiest Tourism Trends

By Camille | March 9, 2018
Top 4 Trendiest Tourism Trends from eTourism Labs

In March 2017, I attended the final eTourism Labs, a travel & tourism conference focusing on the digital world. Even though it has been a year, the top tourism trends from that conference are still relevant today. Here are the top 4 trendiest trends I heard about over and over from presenters.   #1 Mobile Lazlo…

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Making the Most of Tourism Media Events

By Colleen | March 2, 2018
making the most of tourism media events

For travel and tourism brands, attending media events are a great way to get your destination in front of travel bloggers, journalists, editors, and freelancers. But it’s more than just showing up. A lot of time and effort (and sometimes money) goes into attending tourism media events. I’m going to walk you through our process-…

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