20 Tourism Marketing Trends for 2020

There are so many tourism marketing trends that our team has their eye on this year, I thought it would be helpful to round them all up and share them. Get ready for 20 tourism marketing trends in 2020, in 20 words or less with links to learn more.

[Cover Image} 20 tourism marketing trends for 2020 with a black and white background of a car driving up the coast

The Chinese Market

China remains hot and travelers are becoming independent and adventurous opening up this market to beyond the gateway destinations.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is coming of age, brands and influencers are more experienced working together to build awareness and sales.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is playing a bigger role in marketing and it goes beyond automation.

Data Storytelling

Data science is going mainstream, data is king and data storytellers provide a competitive edge.

Increased Visitation to Smaller Markets

Increased visitation for 2nd and 3rd tier markets due to expanding interest in authentic and local experiences.

Evolving Role of the DMO

The evolving role of the DMO with expanded focus on owning the destination brand story for visitors and locals.

Accessible Tourism

Accessible tourism more focus from tourism attractions and destinations as they work to attract people of all abilities.


Overtourism and concern over the impact that travelers have on the destinations they visit will impact future travel decisions.

Digital Marketing

Tourism marketers are more savvy about digital marketing and placing more value on digital strategies.

Email Marketing

Marketers can expect to see email marketing on the rebound as both marketers and consumers appreciate the direct one to one connection.

Barcelona Principles

Public Relations campaigns measurement tactics are evolving to consider a wider set of criteria beyond just impressions.


Marketers continue to fee pressure on prove ROI and attribution is more important than ever.


Personalization is becoming the norm as brands keep pace with consumer expectations.

Evolving Experiences

Tourism destinations and businesses are evolving the experience for today’s consumer.

Short Booking Windows

Shorter booking windows continue to be a trend.

Road Trips

Road trips still king and travelers are opting for the car over air more than ever.

The Economic Impact of Travel

Moving past heads in beds, destination marketing organizations are talking more about the economy and less about hotel nights.

Finding Hidden Gems

Smaller destinations finally get over imposter syndrome as consumers seek out the road less traveled.

Evolution of Group Tours

Group tours evolving to be more free style allowing for flexible group sizes. Learn more:

Return of Travel Agents

Travel agents and OTA’s both have a role to play. Learn more: