Influencer Marketing and Community Engagement, with Kevney Dugan

Born and raised in Michigan, Kevney Dugan grew up playing any sport he could make time for. In the long run, trail running, mountain biking, and fly fishing were the sports that stuck. Fly fishing was the one that offered a working opportunity out of college and took him to Livingston, Montana; San Jose, California;…

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Identifying Local Influencers

In the age of influencers, it can be hard for destinations and attractions to figure out how to capitalize on this trend. Local influencers are existing members of your community that have built an audience and thought-leadership around your destination – they’re the best brand ambassadors you may not know yet. Being a community member…

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Creative Marketing Using Influencers, with Rachel Hill

Named one of the 11 Influential Black Women in Travel You Should Know by Travel Noire, Rachel Hill is a trailblazing Travelpreneur, Speaker, and Published Author. With a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing, she has merged her Tech and Digital Marketing expertise and passion for travel into a global brand. Her engaged audience…

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Influencer Marketing

Influencers marketing eBook

Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing has become an important part of a destination’s marketing strategy. In this eBook we share details of how our team finds, vets and works with influencers. From figuring out if influencers are right for your destination to the vetting process and measuring their work, we take our experience and break down…

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How to Vet a Social Media Influencer

How to vet a social media influencer

As we all know, the media landscape is shifting from traditional journalists and publications to bloggers and social media influencers. Travelers are interested in seeing where other people are visiting, what dishes they’re eating, and what awesome experience they’re having. So it only makes sense that destinations are partnering with travel influencers more often as…

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Colleen Knopeck – Travel Influencers

In this episode, you will learn everything you need to know to get started working with a travel influencer from Colleen Knopeck, Associate Consultant at Break The Ice Media. Imagine being a Kindergartener and winning a writing award from a national PBS Kids show. Or by fifth grade, regularly writing for the Buffalo News’ Kids…

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A DMO’s Guide to Understanding Travel Influencers

A DMO's Guide to Understanding Travel Influencers

You didn’t really go on vacation if you didn’t post a picture of it on Instagram, right? Your social media posts about your latest trip are doing more than inducing FOMO in all of your friends – they’re starting to inspire and influence the travel decisions of others. And since we all know that consumers…

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