Meet Adrienne Currie

Community & Marketing Manager

The backstory

Adrienne grew up on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. After graduation, she headed to Alberta, Canada for college and put down roots in the city of Calgary. She fell in love with tourism while planning a trip to Europe with a college friend, and became a travel agent because she enjoyed the research and itinerary planning as much as the trip itself.

A passionate lifelong learner, Adrienne uses her creativity and quick thinking to acquire and grow many different skill sets, including web design, graphic design, social media, and much more.

Professional path

After 10 years as a travel agent, Adrienne stepped away from tourism for a few years while her kids were small. She built a business in a creative niche that allowed her to spend more time at home while continuing to learn new skills and express her creativity. When her kids were bigger and attending school full time, she decided to step back into tourism and took her new marketing skills back into the travel industry as a marketing manager for a Canadian tour operator. Her collaborative work with Destination Marketing Organizations led her to join Break the Ice in 2023, as a perfect fit for growing and managing the community of tourism professionals who share the BTI mantra, “Stronger Together”.

Inside the office she loves:

Working collaboratively with a great team and coming up with new and innovative marketing ideas together.

Outside the office she loves:

Sewing clothing and filming sewing tutorials for YouTube, playing card games and board games, reading a good book, and of course travel.

Adrienne Headshot

“Every part of a marketing strategy should work together towards one primary goal.”