Meet Camille Zess

Director of Digital & Growth, Senior Consultant

The backstory

By the time Camille left college, she was already an accomplished writer. As a writing minor, she took many classes in different types of writing -- including memoir, which involves real storytelling. And storytelling is key in marketing communications, advertising, and public relations. She also trained intensively in grammar, and in teaching the subject of writing where she learned to strengthen others’ writing while preserving their style. (She still keeps those books from her classes close at hand.) An early adopter in social media, she has years of experience using Facebook, Facebook advertising, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Professional path

Camille uses her creative magic with words combined with strategy to create and execute high quality marketing campaigns for our clients. She approaches projects always looking at the big picture, be it as project manager, writer or problem solver. She oversees accounts and provides strategic direction for destination clients and their stakeholders, as well as directing and executing Facebook advertising campaigns (she’s Facebook Blueprint Certified!).

Inside the office she loves:

Giving detailed attention to clients. Using her creativity. The open culture of BTI. Helping clients save time. Knowing how to properly "break the rules" in writing.

Outside the office she loves:

Being a foodie. Experimenting with new projects and crafts. Playing clarinet in a community orchestra. Dining in new restaurants. She also sits on the board of a local non-profit organization focused on personal growth, providing strategic marketing and direction.

Camille Zess

"It's important to be able to communicate as the client, in their brand voice."

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