Meet Jordan Herson

Travel Trade Coordinator, Associate Consultant

The backstory

Jordan Herson is a sunshine enthusiast from St. Augustine, Florida - one of America's most iconic cities. Growing up surrounded by tourists, Jordan practically breathed in the excitement and energy of the travel scene. Allowing her to develop a unique perspective on the profound impact of tourism on a community.

Professional path

Jordan's passion for creative expression and quick wit sparked a desire within her to pursue a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at Ithaca College. She is also passionate about community involvement, which led her to seek job opportunities in marketing for startups and local businesses. Eventually, her journey led her to the field of destination marketing, which she quickly fell in love with and has been pursuing ever since.

Inside the office she loves:

Building relationships with clients and getting to work on all the ins and outs of tourism.

Outside the office she loves:

Hiking the four New York State Parks in her county, traveling to sunny destinations, and promoting the Taste of the Finger Lakes event to raise funds for food security in the region.

Jordan Headshot

“Tourism is the art of building bridges between hearts through exploration, creating everlasting connections with each journey.”