Our Team

Meet Karl Heberger

Digital Marketing Strategist

The backstory

When Karl graduated college with a bachelor of science in business marketing, the term digital marketing hadn’t been invented yet. But it wouldn’t be long before he started to get immersed in marketing and advertising online when he took a position at the Democrat and Chronicle’s “New Media” department. His job was to help clients achieve results through online advertising platforms such as CareerBuilder and Cars.com as well as display advertising on the newspaper’s website. Since the year 2000, Karl has worked solely in what is now referred to as digital marketing.

Professional path

With five years experience at the D&C under his belt, Karl went on to be the Advertising Director for the national website, eBaumsworld.com. There he worked with some of the largest agencies and advertisers in the world to develop creative advertising placements and viral videos.

In 2008, Karl decided to sit on the other side of the table as he began his stint with digital marketing agencies starting at Butler/Till. The leadership role gave him the experience he needed to later head up all of digital marketing strategy at Tipping Point Media. In 2014, he teamed up with partners to start Mason Digital, a full-service digital agency recognized by the chamber as one of the fastest growing companies in Rochester. Karl served as the Chief Strategy Officer while also writing a regular column for the Rochester Business Journal and delivering lectures at area universities, conferences, and other professional events.

Karl’s focus on strategy helps clients incorporate digital marketing tactics into their larger marketing, PR, and business strategies. His strong analytical abilities help bring data to life with visualized campaign results. He uses data to tell the story of how initiatives are performing and how to maximize results.

Inside the office he loves:

Working with sophisticated martech platforms to research opportunities and develop strategic plans built to achieve our clients’ objectives. Developing and presenting plans and reports that help marketing professionals and other stakeholders understand how we help them achieve their goals.

Outside the office he loves:

Playing guitar in local instrumental rock band, The Isotopes. Hosting and producing multiple professional podcasts with large and growing audiences. Going to watch live sports. Cheering on the Bills, Sabres, and Cubs. Going to stand up comedy shows. Spending time in Las Vegas (and winning lots of money!).


"Digital marketing success is all about measuring and optimizing metrics that directly correlate with your business objectives."