Meet Lisa Burns

Senior Consultant

The backstory

Taking long drives with her father and purposely getting lost so the true adventure could begin. That's how it all started. So, bitten by the travel bug early in life, Lisa’s wanderlust launched her tourism career. But it’s not just about a love of travel. She is also a hostess at heart and loves to entertain. That’s how she welcomes visitors and writers into a destination, as their hostess. Lisa has an intense energy and deep passion and she thrives working at a fast pace with moving targets. Perhaps that boundless energy and passion stem from that spark of wanderlust, since, as she’ll tell you, working with people who are on vacation allows a little breath of vacation for yourself.

Professional path

Lisa’s journey into the world of tourism began right after college when someone told her if she became a travel agent she could travel for free. That is just what she did, starting with American Airlines and eventually moving to the greater Rochester, NY area with Empire Trailways and Alexander Tour and Travel. From travel agent, she forged her way into the group tour industry. Creating itineraries for group tours is where she learned that travel is about entertaining and educating travelers. She developed her own tour program as the Vice-President of a motorcoach and tour company. Then she worked in a Chamber of Commerce and Tourism office, selling a destination rather than buying products within a destination. Before joining the Break the Ice Media team, Lisa handled marketing and public relations for New York State Parks Genesee Region and Letchworth State Park.

Inside the office she loves:

The gift of being in this environment with young, truly gifted writers. Being surrounded by tourism passion, creativity and a conscience effort to celebrate proficiency in the English language. Getting to know little “secrets” about the Finger Lakes vacation region and sharing those gems with the world.

Outside the office she loves:

Being outside, her backyard, hiking, celebrating life with whole-hearted friends and never underestimating the healing power of taking long drives, listening to loud music. Watching her daughter become a truly amazing, compassionate, spirited and independent woman.


"Be committed, passionate and ‘real.’  Then it all comes together."

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