The Best of Break the Ice Media in 2017

Before we really dive into 2018, we at Break the Ice Media wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year. It was a busy, yet rewarding year, full of growth, winter fun, and the perfect amount of wine. Below we’ve gathered up our top 5 blogs of 2017. These were our most popular – and some of our favorite to write too.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our insights, tips, and tourism trends in 2017. We hope you’ll continue to learn and grow with us in 2018 too!

The best of break the ice media in 2017


4 Ways to be part of the Google DMO Partnership Program

Google launched their new DMO Content Program in July of 2017. Our CEO, Nicole, had a front row seat to their launch announcement, and explores four ways to be part of this program.

Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

What’s hot in social media is constantly changing- and keeping up with the latest and greatest can be a challenge. Jess dove into five trends that will take off in 2018.

Changing Perceptions and Moving the Needle in Destination Marketing

We love Winter! (No really, we do.) Nicole takes a deep dive into one of the “coolest” campaigns we’ve ever worked on.

4 Tips for a Successful FAM Tour

FAM tours can be a great sales and marketing tactic, but they can also be stressful for everyone involved. Rhonda has four tips for a smooth and successful FAM experience.

The Canadian Traveler Landscape – Are Canadians still visiting the USA?

Are our friends from the North still venturing across the border? Short answer- yes. Sarah explains why we shouldn’t worry about Canadian travel dropping off anytime soon.