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2022 Top Tourism Campaigns Bring Typing Ponies & Talking Kangaroos

By Sarah | December 21, 2022

This year saw us returning to travel in big ways, and the campaign ideas rose to match! We found some of the most creative, quirky, content-driven ideas out there and summed them up for this year. From Ryanair on TikTok to horses that will answer your emails. In no particular order, here are our picks…

Group Travel Trends

By Nicole | December 14, 2022

Is group travel dead? My answer: yes and no! Group travel in its most traditional sense – loading 50 seniors on a bus and carting them around for several days on a sightseeing tour with stops for dining and maybe a show – is slowly going away. It is being replaced by smaller, more active…

Increase Foot Traffic with Motorcoach Business – 11 Ways to Become Group Ready

By Rhonda | December 12, 2022

Working in the travel and tourism industry allows us to get to know organizations that rely on visitors to their communities to help grow their businesses. One way to reach those visitors and increase foot traffic is by marketing to the motorcoach industry. Motorcoaches bring groups of people to the businesses they visit. The COVID…