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building relationships for partnership marketing

Building Relationships for Partnership Marketing

By Camille | December 7, 2022

Museums have a unique perspective in the tourism industry, and they form their collaborations and change around community. What can other tourism attractions and destinations learn from these foundational relationships with the community? How can we approach partnership marketing in new ways that fuel change and build more than visitation? Museums are cultural institutions, aiming…

Creating Experiences to Create Memories

Creating Experiences to Create Memories

By Colleen | November 30, 2022

At the 2017 NYSTIA Empire State Tourism Conference in Lake Placid, I was inspired by the overall theme of how to make a destination stand out that still stand true today. Bill Geist, DMOproz, talked about the importance of disrupting the status quo in order to drive brand awareness and visitors to your destination during…

How to Pen the Perfect Pitch

How to Pen the Perfect Pitch

By Colleen | November 9, 2022

Being able to successfully pitch a story to the media is one of the most important tools to have in your PR toolbox. Public relations campaigns take time, energy and effort. It’s an adrenaline rush when a journalist responds to your pitch and wants to cover your story. But how do you make that happen?…