Strategic Planning

Strategy is at the heart - and the start - of all Break the Ice Media campaigns and projects. Outlining the overall business goals, specific campaign goals, the target audience and key performance indicators (KPIs) builds a strong foundation. Then we align tactics for PR, marketing and digital advertising with those goals and speak to those audiences.

Our Strategic Process

Outline Goals & Target Audience

Align Tactics for PR, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Measure Results

Collaborative Marketing in Tourism: Working Together to Lift All Boats

By Colleen

In the travel and tourism industry, we understand how difficult it can be to grab the attention – and reservation…

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7 steps in creating a marketing plan

7 Steps in Creating a Marketing Plan

By Nicole

Creating a strong marketing plan is an important part of planning for your destination’s year-to-year growth. Writing such a plan…

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Low cost marketing tools for tourism promotion

Low-Cost Marketing Tools for Tourism Promotion

By Camille

A successful destination marketing plan starts with strategy and is chock full of targeted tactics from social media to video,…

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10 Ways to Become Group Ready

Increase Foot Traffic with Motorcoach Business – 10 Ways to Become Group Ready

By Rhonda

Working in the travel and tourism industry allows us to get to know many small businesses that rely on visitors…

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Twitter for Tourism: Best Practices

Twitter for Tourism: Best Practices

By Jessica

Social media and tourism marketing go hand in hand. Taking on social media can be challenging, especially with limited time…

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Elemental Photography in the Tourism World

By Lisa Burns

All tourism photography has one thing in common- an element that evokes a reaction, a feeling, or a desire to…

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