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Strategic Planning

Strategy is at the heart - and the start - of all Break the Ice Media campaigns and projects. Outlining the overall business goals, specific campaign goals, the target audience and key performance indicators (KPIs) builds a strong foundation. Then we align tactics for PR, marketing and digital advertising with those goals and speak to those audiences.

Our Strategic Process

Outline Goals & Target Audience

Align Tactics for PR, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Measure Results

developing a strategic content marketing plan

Developing a Strategic Content Marketing Plan

By Colleen

We recently defined content marketing and its importance in your overall marketing strategy. But how can you take this information…

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Adding Strategy to Tactical Marketing

Adding Strategy to Tactical Marketing

By Camille

You’re probably already using tactical marketing. If you have social media channels, a website, newsletter, or any other form of…

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Maximizing & Proving Tradeshow ROI

Maximizing and Proving Tradeshow ROI

By Jessica

What’s the value in attending a tradeshow? Most tradeshows keep a list on their website with reasons to justify the…

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social media strategy building blocks

Social Media Strategy Building Blocks

By Camille

Social media strategy building blocks are basic elements of the strategy that set the stage for success. Casa Larga Vineyards…

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