Strategic Planning

Helping tourism marketers capture their greatest strategic opportunity.

The Break the Ice Media strategy team has created a resource that includes workshop facilitation, resource and action plan development in pursuit of your organization’s #1 opportunity. This Travel & Tourism Recovery Roadmap™ is a strategic plan fast-tracked into a two-week process to help your destination/organization align and create actionable messaging to execute on prioritiy initiatives.

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DIY Strategic Marketing Planning

This course will take you through the seven-steps we use at Break the Ice Media to create strategic marketing plans for our clients. We will train you to create your plan in the same way we train a new team member. We are sharing all of our processes, checklists and tools with full transparency so you can DIY your strategic marketing plan.

Strategic Campaigns

Tour Operator Ramps Up Business with Digital Ads and Content Strategy

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Historical Figure brings DEI to the Forefront: Auburn, NY – Harriet Tubman’s Chosen Hometown

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Re-aligning Strategy to Meet Changing Visitor Sentiment

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Strategic integrated marketing campaign leads to high economic impact in 2020

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Additional Resources

Can Curated Experiences Help Your Tourism Marketing?

Can Curated Experiences Help Your Tourism Marketing?

By Lisa Doerner

In years past, travelers may have been satisfied to see sites like the Eiffel Tower or Colosseum; now they want to get behind the scenes, get underground access or see a destination from the air. The possibilities for curated experiences are unlimited.

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Collaboration Drives Sustainable Tourism

By Colleen Senglaub

Sustainable tourism has growing importance in the world of travel and tourism. As destinations grow in popularity, they need to…

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Main Street Marketing and Community Partnerships

By Colleen Senglaub

The COVID-19 pandemic reignited a desire to support local businesses, and this doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.…

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Low cost marketing tools for tourism promotion

Low-Cost Marketing Tools for Tourism Promotion

By Camille

A successful destination marketing plan starts with strategy and is chock full of targeted tactics from social media to video,…

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Increase Foot Traffic with Motorcoach Business – 11 Ways to Become Group Ready

By Rhonda

Working in the travel and tourism industry allows us to get to know organizations that rely on visitors to their…

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The DMO of the Future blog title with a gray background and a glass ball with the reflection of a city inside it

The DMO of the Future

By Nicole

Everything we’ve gone through in the past few years has fast-forwarded the role of the DMO. It started to change shape,…

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