Travel PR

Our team knows the ins and outs of Travel PR, fostering strong relationships with media every year. We work with print, online and broadcast journalists as well as bloggers and influencers. We provide strategic media outreach for our clients, which involves developing media kits, attending media events, pitching, press release creation and distribution and coordinating media hosting. Everything we do is measurable and strategic, with thorough tracking and reporting on goals and placements.

Our Public Relations Process

From start to finish, our process for working with clients and creating a campaign that delivers:

1. Discovery

We start with learning about you - what your destination or attraction has to offer, what's unique about it, and what angles will catch the media's attention. We want to understand your product almost as well as you do, so we can tell your story right.

2. Planning

Once we understand what makes you unique, planning begins. We'll develop an editorial calendar for all media outreach, outlining the angles, topics and tactics that reach the audiences you are targeting. This is a ongoing process - we're always refining and seeking out new ways to bring attention to our clients.

3. Execution

We'll pitch stories, connect with writers, invite media to visit, coordinate interviews and do whatever it takes to land the placement. We leverage existing relationships with writers, and focus on building new ones - always in search of that next lead and opportunity.

4. Curation

We are committed to seeing the process through to the final media placement - whether this means planning a familiarization tour, providing quotes or photography, exploring new angles and ideas with the writer, or just checking in until the story drops.

5. Reporting

Throughout the campaign, and at the end of the project, we track progress and make sure you see results. Our reporting process is thorough - we'll save the clips, track reach and impressions, note when certain goals are met and provide everything to you in a report that ensures you don't miss a thing.

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