Travel Trade Marketing

When it comes to Travel Trade, we work with all travel professionals and we have well-rounded expertise including product development, sales, education and marketing.

If you're a destination or a hospitality business, we can assist you in reaching tour operators, booking tour groups and marketing the assets your area has to offer. If you're a tour operator or travel advisor, we connect you with the right destinations to boost your business, create new and exciting tours and attract new audiences. If you're an industry association or platform, we can work with you to develop strategic messaging and we can also help with live or virtual event planning.

From developing travel trade marketing strategies, to product development, sales outreach, and tradeshow representation, to getting products in catalogs and on the shelf, we know how to talk tourism. We love building relationships and approach the industry strategically with the expertise to back it up.

Our Travel Trade Services

Destinations, Attractions & Hospitality Services

Build and expand relationships with Group Tour Operators,Travel Advisors and Receptive Operators

Develop product that sells

Stakeholder Education

Direct sales

Attract international visitors

Work in partnership with local and state tourism offices

Tour Operators & Travel Advisors

Build brand awareness

Generate leads

Attract travel buyers

Fill departures

Industry Associations & Platforms

Develop sales and marketing strategies to reach their target market

Provide leadership & strategic planning

Create traffic, generate leads that lead to conversions

Assist with live and virtual event planning

Virtual Event Services

Converting a live show to a virtual event while keeping profits, connections and the experience intact

All eyes were on Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) in June 2020 with their bold move to be the first in the travel, tourism & hospitality industry to announce and deliver a virtual event – which overwhelmingly exceeded expectations. Situational Analysis Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) was created 18 years ago as an innovative way to help…

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