Toronto Skyline

In 2018, we launched a Canadian PR CO-OP program for Upstate NY destinations. Canadian travelers are a top target market for many US destinations, and they are the number one inbound international market for New York State. 

Through the CO-OP, we were able to help program partners gain exposure in the lucrative Canadian market using an integrated PR program. 


With travel, it is oftentimes important that a writer see and experience something for themselves before committing it to print. Our very first Canadian FAM into New York State brought a journalist from the Toronto Star and a blogger from a publication called Eat Drink Travel. That FAM resulted in four media placements – one of which reached almost 4 million readers with the Toronto Star – and a slew of social media posts.

Vetting writers who are interested in a visit is the first step to a successful media FAM. We use a media hosting form like this one to help us with the vetting process.