In this FREE webinar training, we will walk you through:


Three types of collaborators and how their attitudes and opinions shape the collaboration


Benefits, risks & challenges of collaboration


3Cs framework for successful collaboration

Through the work that our agency does with tourism clients, we have witnessed first-hand how successful collaborations can make a big impact.

We have been studying collaborations for many years through over 200 podcast interviews that I have completed as host of the popular travel and tourism industry podcast, Destination on the Left.
With this first of its kind study, we aimed to find out what makes collaborations successful and how important collaborations will be in helping our industry recover.

90% of study respondents say collaborations will get the travel, tourism & hospitality industry out of this challenge and help the industry survive and thrive.

If we learned only one thing from the global pandemic, we are all in this together, our world is interconnected and we must work together to create our new reality, the travel, tourism and hospitality industry of the future.

Our hope is the results of this study will provide insights to help our industry build back stronger than before. I hope you will join us!

Stronger together!