Our Research:
Collaboration in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

We've witnessed first-hand how successful collaborations can make a big impact. Amidst the pandemic, we fielded our first research study on collaboration inspired by our work and interviews on our Destination on the Left podcast.

Our 2021 Study, Rising Tides: Lifting All Boats research report identified 3 collaborator types and proved how prevalent collaboration is in our industry.

90% of study respondents say collaborations will get the travel, tourism & hospitality industry out of this challenge and help the industry survive and thrive.

In our second study, we wanted to know how organizations make collaboration a core business strategy. Does it make them more successful if the operationalize collaboration? Operationalization is defined as putting something into operation.

Our 2023 study, Stronger Together: Future-Proofing the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry reveals how organizations are putting collaboration into operation and how they are setting up systems and processes so that collaboration becomes a strategic part of the organization.

93% of respondents say collaboration with other organizations is part of their business strategy.

Download the Collaboration Toolkit

Here’s what’s inside:

  • “Stronger Together” Materials. The executive summary and webinar deck from our latest research study on operationalizing collaboration.
  • “Rising Tide” Materials. The executive summary and webinar deck from our first research study on collaboration in the travel, tourism & hospitality industry.
  • Collaboration Sweet Spot Filter. Designed to help create a process for evaluating collaborative opportunities, this tool incorporates a checklist of benefits and ingredients for success to assist in making informed decisions.
  • Guide to Becoming a Better Collaborator. Built from the findings of the first research study, this guide will help you identify your personal collaborator type, your strengths, hurdles to watch out for and how to work with other types of collaborators.
Collaboration Toolkit 3.1.23