Increasing Intent to Travel with Programmatic Buying – not your grandmother’s campaign!

We are huge believers in collaboration and we place high value on research-based marketing campaigns. In other words, we don’t like throwing things at the wall and waiting to see what sticks. Instead, we prefer a strategic approach – we want to know what will stick before making our first move.

Knowing this about us, you’ll soon understand why we were over-the-top excited when we first met Ralph Thompson from eBrains. You may remember him and his programmatic solution from his interview on our podcast Destination on the Left episode #14. What he’s doing adds up to real ROMI – Return on Marketing Investment – meaning clients are getting true incremental destination visitors that they would not have secured without an eBrains campaign.

Why am I sharing information about the eBrains solution on the Break The Ice Media blog? Our agency has partnered with eBrains in a new collaboration. As Ralph calls it, we are co-petitors – I knew I liked him!

With this collaboration, and a relationship with the NetSeer platform, we are now able to offer a custom solution exclusively to our clients in the tourism industry. We love to bring visitors to the clients we serve – we jump for joy when we can prove it – and we know that programmatic buying coupled with our travel PR and marketing campaigns will produce even higher results for our clients.

I couldn’t help but be amazed after my first introduction to Ralph. He has been in the agency business a long time, and more specifically, he has been in the digital advertising space since it started. Ralph wasn’t born a marketer, he was actually a CPA at the start of his career. This makes him even cooler than I thought! Ralph gets numbers that make most marketers glaze over and he gets consumer behavior – and those two things combined have driven him and his team to create one of the best programmatic buying solutions that I have ever seen. The icing on the cake? He loves the tourism industry and offers an exclusive solution.

So, what is so special about this solution? There are many reasons why it is exceptional for travel and tourism clients – the biggest reason being that it delivers 2-29 times the lift in intent to visit than any other programmatic campaign. That means clients receive higher returns on marketing investment and it is proven with every campaign.

Here are the secrets to their success:

  1. Curated content delivered in a multi-media ad unit integrates display, video, photo streams and other elements to essentially create a micro-site within the ad itself.
  2. Tracking consumer engagement metrics within the ad unit and beyond, all the way to the website – these metrics include lift in intent to visit, engagement rate, video views, website visitor rate, carousel views, audio listens, time spent and a whole lot more.
  3. NetSeer’s platform offers exclusive programmatic reach and real-time buying. It mimics the way the mind thinks and serves ads in real-time with impressions that are relevant to your brand and geo-targeted. It is the ultimate blending of impressions, audience look-alikes, competitive overlay, competitive intercept and in-image to provide the highest return on marketing investment.
  4. Showing lift in intent to visit and learn optimum frequency caps for the campaign using independent studies conducted by Nielsen’s Vizu division. The proof is in the pudding!

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