In this FREE webinar training, you will learn:

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Three types of operating segments

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Top 5 components of a collaborative mindset

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Tools for operationalizing collaboration

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How to move strategy into action for a competitive advantage

We believe that community collaboration and partnerships are essential for the growth and prosperity of every organization in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.

Working primarily with second and third-tier destinations, Break the Ice Media has been helping travel, tourism, and hospitality organizations attract what they need to grow and thrive since 2009. Believing fully that we are Stronger Together, Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) became part of our brand portfolio in 2021. A true example of collaboration in action, TAP is a partnership of tour operators, travel suppliers and travel buyers working collectively to build and promote travel products across the globe.

Our podcast Destination on the Left launched in 2016 showcases the creative and collaborative work that travel, tourism, and hospitality professionals deliver every day. With more than 300 episodes and 100,000 downloads, this award-winning podcast provides the industry with valuable knowledge, best practices, and insights.

93% of respondents say collaboration with other organizations is part of their business strategy.

By proactively weaving collaboration into your organization's operational strategy, doors open to a wealth of new opportunities. 

Our hope is the results of this study will provide insights to help future-proof our industry. I hope you will join us!

Stronger together!