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We Attract Visitors

Helping destination marketers, travel professionals, businesses and organizations in the tourism industry:

  • Share Stories
  • Build Relationships
  • Create Demand

We do so by delivering powerful ideas, focused strategies and measurable tactics and plans.

Beyond the Gateway

Our proximity to gateways New York City and Toronto give us broad media relationships in NYC and Canada. We help our clients draw visitors out of gateway cities to get their fair share of the market - and open up visitors' eyes to the possibilities of travel in small and mid-size destinations.

Focused On Tourism

By working in the tourism industry every single day, our team is the most informed on current trends and understands a wide variety of destination marketing strategies and tactics.

With a single focus, we go deeper, spend more time in the tourism industry and ultimately deliver maximum results to our clients.

Trending in Food Tourism

By Adena Miller | October 21, 2019
Trending in Food Tourism in white text with pink lines behind it set against a dinner table.

With the rise of experiential travel, it’s no surprise that this focus has spilled over into food tourism. According to the World Food Travel Association, food is now a main motivation for travelers choosing their destinations. Visitors are willing to increase their budget (40% of tourism spending is on gastronomy) and trip duration on unique…

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Attractions as Destinations

By Colleen | October 15, 2019
Attractions as destinations [photo of two beers]

Across the tourism industry, there’s been a shift in what visitors are looking for and where they’re looking for it. Years ago, travelers aimed for big cities with big ticket items. Now, visitors are looking for the unique and different, and are finding those new experiences with attractions as destinations. The definition of experience is…

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A Decade of Tourism Marketing – 10 Key Changes Making an Impact

By Nicole | October 8, 2019
A Decade of Tourism Marketing - 10 Key Changes Making an Impact. And Break the Ice Media turns 10!

And Break the Ice Media turns 10! It has been a decade of tourism marketing! The official date of incorporation for Break the Ice Media is October 14, 2009 which makes October officially our “birthday month”. As the marketing and tourism industries have changed, we have evolved right along with them. When we started our…

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