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Helping destination marketers, travel professionals, businesses and organizations in the tourism industry:

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We do so by delivering powerful ideas, focused strategies and measurable tactics and plans.

Beyond the Gateway

Our proximity to gateways New York City and Toronto give us broad media relationships in NYC and Canada. We help our clients draw visitors out of gateway cities to get their fair share of the market - and open up visitors' eyes to the possibilities of travel in small and mid-size destinations.

Focused On Tourism

By working in the tourism industry every single day, our team is the most informed on current trends and understands a wide variety of destination marketing strategies and tactics.

With a single focus, we go deeper, spend more time in the tourism industry and ultimately deliver maximum results to our clients.

Tourism Trend Guide: Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has become an important part of our clients’ marketing strategy. In this eBook we share all the details of how our team finds, vets and works with influencers. BTI team members Sarah Blackwell, Colleen Onuffer and Jess Reilly documented our process in an information-packed 30 pages filled with tips and tricks to getting started in the world of influencer marketing. Download your copy today and get started finding and working with influencers to promote your destination!

Influencers marketing eBook

Download your copy:


20 Tourism Marketing Trends for 2020

By Nicole | January 29, 2020
[Cover Image} 20 tourism marketing trends for 2020 with a black and white background of a car driving up the coast

There are so many tourism marketing trends that our team has their eye on this year, I thought it would be helpful to round them all up and share them. Get ready for 20 tourism marketing trends in 2020, in 20 words or less with links to learn more. The Chinese Market China remains hot…

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Proving Relevancy and ROI: Key Takeaways from the first Destination on the Left Virtual Summit

By Nicole | January 22, 2020
Proving Relevancy and ROI: Key Takeaways from the first Destination on the Left Virtual Summit

At Break the Ice Media we are committed to ongoing professional development of our team within tourism marketing. Each year, we invest more than 450 staff hours staying up-to-date on trends, new marketing tactics and deeper learnings. That is why the first Destination on the Left Virtual Summit we hosted in December 2019 was extra-special…

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The 5 Top Tourism Campaigns of 2019

By Sarah | December 18, 2019
The 5 Top Tourism Campaigns of 2019

It’s our favorite time of year here at Break the Ice Media – a time when we get to reflect on the projects we have worked on, celebrate the successes we have seen, and draw inspiration from other creatives and campaigns in the tourism industry. There are so many cool ways that DMOs, attractions, and…

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