Making the Most of Tourism Media Events

By Colleen | March 2, 2018
making the most of tourism media events

For travel and tourism brands, attending media events are a great way to get your destination in front of travel bloggers, journalists, editors, and freelancers. But it’s more than just showing up. A lot of time and effort (and sometimes money) goes into attending tourism media events. I’m going to walk you through our process-…

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Travel Technology- VR for Tourism

By Jessica | February 23, 2018
Travel Technology VT for Tourism

The future is now. From self-driving cars to paying with your thumbprint, we’re able to do things now that we could only dream of 20 years ago. One area of technology that has seen wild growth is virtual and augmented reality. 74% of VR users are interested in travel and tourism applications. At the end…

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How to Market a Destination

By Nicole | February 16, 2018
How to market a destination

Last month, I attended the “Win More Business” workshop for Agency Owners given by Agency Management Institute and The Mercer Island Group. Many of the principles from the workshop apply to how to market a destination. Especially for tourism marketers and CVB sales teams who are looking to attract group, meeting and convention business. Understanding…

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