Strategic Marketing Planning for Post-Pandemic Recovery

Online Course For Travel & Tourism Professionals

Will your marketing plan work for post-pandemic recovery?

Most of our marketing plans were designed for the world as it was.

As we prepare for the post-pandemic world, we know that things will not be as they were.

Re-tool your current planning to come into recovery armed with data and strategic thinking.

If you didn't use strategic planning before, you'll need one now.

Create a plan backed by research and prepared to come out of this stronger than ever.

Backed by Research

Apply Strategy-Building Techniques

Use Our Planning Tools

Our online course is designed to prepare you during shelter-in-place so that you can enter recovery mode with a plan-in-hand.

Free consultation is included with your course. When you sign up for Strategic Marketing Planning for Post-Pandemic Recovery, one of our instructors will be assigned to you as a one-on-one coach.

Your coach will provide feedback on your homework assignments and - as a bonus - they will be available for a one-hour consultation call to provide guidance and answer questions about your plan.

Strategic Marketing Planning for Post-Pandemic Recovery

This course will take you through the seven-steps we use at Break the Ice Media to create strategic marketing plans for our clients. We will train you to create your plan in the same way we train a new team member. We are sharing all of our processes, checklists and tools with full transparency so you can DIY your strategic marketing plan.

Maybe you're...

Concerned about traveler interest for your area/attraction.

Facing cutbacks and setbacks in staff, budget and other resources.

Not sure what the other side of this pandemic will look like for travel.

We don't have a crystal ball, but we do have 10 years of experience in strategic planning.

Our team spends hundreds of hours each year learning and growing our knowledge of tourism and marketing.

Put our methods to work for your organization in a new or reworked plan.

Meet Your Instructors

Not only are your instructors well-versed in the techniques they'll teach you in this course, they have been part of creating and shaping our strategic methodology. We've incorporated all of the insights, learnings and best practices our team uses into this model.


Strategic Marketing plans can cost up to $12,000 if a client hires our team to create the plan. We are offering you the tools and resources to DIY with support from a designated consultant for just $795.

Sarah Blackwell_2017_Headshot Green web_square

Sarah Blackwell, Director of Client Services

Sarah is well-versed in strategic planning, having worked on the most plans (next to Nicole) for our clients. You will gain a lot from her experience transitioning from the writing of a plan to the actual execution. She's great at taking all the pieces and putting them together.

Nicole Mahoney

Nicole Mahoney, CEO

Nicole is our fearless leader, a visionary with creativity and passion for staying on top of tourism trends and applying strategy to everything we do. She is always looking at the big picture, and she'll help you do just that.


Adena Miller, Consultant

Adena brings careful consideration and perceptive questions to our client projects to keep them on track. She will guide you on some of the tactics we apply as part of marketing plans, and how to choose the right mix for the resources and needs you have.

Colleen Knopeck [Travel Influencers]

Colleen Onuffer, Consultant

Colleen gives 100% to all our clients, whether she's pitching in on a new project or pitching a new angle for travel PR. She'll tell you the steps we take to perform research, craft messages, analyze metrics and more.

Rhonda Vaccaro

Rhonda Vaccaro, Vice President

Rhonda is always looking for different perspectives. She is diligent when it comes to the details of marketing and making the most of every opportunity put in front of our clients. When you take this course, Rhonda will guide you in setting strong goals and putting them into action.

Camille Zess

Camille Zess, Director of Sales & Marketing

Camille loves working on strategic insights and putting them together to create a plan with impact. Her insights for our team and clients are the results of deliberation and deep thinking. She'll take you from the foundational research to pivoting your strategies and tactics as needed as you execute your new plan.

The Details


Whenever it fits into your schedule. There are 7 classes that make -up the course. Each class is broken into bit-sized lessons that are 5-8 minutes each. You can move through the coursework at your own pace. The course does not expire once you purchase it; however, you have 1 year from sign up to complete your homework in order to receive the free feedback from a designated consultant.


Our course is available online here. Once you register, you will receive online credentials to login into our learning platform.

What's Included

To make the planning process easier for you, seven classes consisting of anywhere from two to six instructional video lessons will walk you through each section of your plan and will include supplemental resources and homework assignments. In addition, students will be assigned a Break the Ice Media consultant who will review each assignment and provide feedback to help you move through the seven-step planning process.

It’s time to…

- Stop worrying and start planning

- Prepare for the new future post-pandemic

- Stop stressing about the now and start strategizing for recovery

If you start now, you'll be poised for action as we begin to come out of quarantine.

Now is the perfect time to grow your knowledge and add new skills to your marketing toolkit. We want you to be stronger at the end of this crisis and planning is the first step in being ready for recovery.