December 9 - 11, 2019

A FREE 3 day summit for travel and tourism professionals interested in proving relevancy and ROI

As a tourism marketer, you create and lead campaigns designed to deliver incremental visitors to your community, attraction or business.

How do you know when your campaign was successful?


Buzzwords like ROI, attribution, data-driven decisions and relevancy swirl around your professional networks but how does it apply to your work?

You know there is increasing pressure to prove relevancy of tourism marketing, especially as budgets tighten and every investment is scrutinized. How can you be sure you are proving relevancy of your programs?

The 15 presentations from this virtual summit will provide you the fuel you need to prove tourism marketing effectiveness in 2020 and beyond.


15 presentations designed to give you actionable information in 20 minutes.

Get your questions answered during a 10 minute Q&A following each presentation. 

Put what you're learning into action with free worksheets from each presentation.

Get free access for 24 hours to watch the presentations after they go live with the option to upgrade to lifetime access.


✓3 days

15 presentations

Actionable information

December 9 - 11

Destination On The Left Virtual Summit

Prove your tourism marketing programs effectiveness. Learn from the experts!

Your goal is to create and lead tourism campaigns designed to deliver incremental visitors to your community, attraction or business.

Measuring their success, proving ROI and maintaining relevancy are part of making sure those campaigns and future ones continue to drive visitation.

You want to:

Use your time

Preserve your resources

Engage your stakeholders support

Prove marketing success

The Destination on the Left Summit is going to teach you how to do all of those things and more.

17 experts over 3 days will share their tactics, strategies, tools and insights along with real life examples to help you prove ROI, marketing effectiveness and relevancy.

Meet Your Summit Host:

Nicole Mahoney

Destination On The Left Podcast Host and CEO, Break the Ice Media

So you can stop...

Wondering if what you are doing is truly providing an impact, motivating visitors to take action or providing the results your stakeholders desire.

Wasting your time figuring out what to measure, how to prove ROI and what to report.

It’s time to figure out how to prove tourism marketing effectiveness by learning from those who are working in the field doing it every day.

The Details


The Destination on the Left Virtual Summit will run from Monday, December 9 through Wednesday, December 11. The first presentation will start at 12pm EST with the last presentation starting at 4pm EST each day.


From the comfort of your own office, home or wherever you like to consume educational content. The best news about the where is that there is no travel, no hotel nights required and no evenings away from your family.


Presentations will go live at their time slot according to the summit schedule. They are 20 minute pre-recorded videos that offer a variety of slides, voice and maybe even a little video. Each presenter will be available for a 10 minute live Q&A immediately following the scheduled time slot. There will be a downloadable worksheet with each presentation. The presentations will be live for 24 hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other tourism marketing professionals.


As a summit participant you will have access to a private Facebook group where we’ll be connecting with one another before, during and after the summit. Presenters will be jumping in and out of the Facebook group as well. This will be a great forum for connecting with each other, asking questions and sharing ideas.


Throughout each day we will have Q&A threads in the Facebook group for each presentation where you can ask each other and the presenter questions. In addition there will be a live Q&A for ten minutes following each presentation time slot.

All Access Pass

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the all access pass. That means you’ll get lifetime access to presentations, worksheets and recorded live Q&A sessions. This option will give you the most flexibility with your schedule for consuming all of the valuable content that our presenters have prepared for you.

Meet the Experts

Now the part you have been waiting for. Here are the amazing presenters that we have lined up for the summit. Each one of these presenters is a past guest on our podcast Destination on the Left. You will find their podcast episode link and presentation below if you want access to even more great content before the summit. Stay tuned for specific presentation titles!




Plan Your Viewing Schedule

15 presentations in 3 days can be a lot of content to consume all at once. Take a look at our timeline to plan your summit schedule!

Presentation titles coming soon - check back in for more information about this amazing content.

All presentations are in EST.
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Meet Your Host - Nicole Mahoney

Nicole Mahoney Solocast Episode #4

Nicole Mahoney,

 Destination On The Left Podcast Host and CEO, Break the Ice Media

Hi! I’m Nicole Mahoney, founder of Break the Ice Media a marketing agency focused on tourism marketing and host of the popular podcast, Destination on the Left.


Break the Ice Media was launched in 2009, with a focus on helping organizations and businesses in the tourism industry attract more visitors. At its core, BTI is a marketing communications firm with a strategic approach to content marketing that includes public relations, social media marketing, digital advertising, video marketing, search engine optimization and more. By telling the stories of our client’s brands, we help them engage with their target audiences and drive visitation to their destinations. This hyper focus has resulted in 13 awards and industry recognition just since 2017.


In October 2017, I launched Destination on the Left, a podcast focused on the travel and tourism industry, exploring successful collaborations, creative marketing ideas and best practices. Each week I interview destination marketers, industry leaders, consultants and businesses in the tourism industry and every week I learn something new. 


I believe that the travel and tourism industry is a core economic driver for every community. My vision is to enable travel and tourism professionals to be better at accomplishing their goals in order to have a greater impact within the communities they serve. I would like my legacy to be one that has served this industry in such a way that we have created a positive impact on the economy and there are stronger communities because of it. 


It is this strong belief coupled with my desire to take the podcast to the next level that led to the launch of the Destination on the Left virtual summit. 


I am grateful for my past podcast guests who have agreed to take this journey with me and offer this amazing content to all of you. 


I hope you will join us!

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December 9 - 11, 2019

Learn from 17 experts over 3 days about the tactics, strategies, tools and insights that will help you prove ROI, marketing effectiveness and relevancy.