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Glenn Clark

Episode 4: You Need to Tell the Right Story, with Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark is the president and creative director of Clark CSM Marketing & Communications. He has worked as a Designer and Creative Director alongside world-class talent at agencies such as Partners + Napier in Rochester and Eric Mower & Associates in Syracuse prior to founding an award-winning agency. His vision for Clark CSM has always been to create amazing work with an attentiveness to a wide-array of clients while specializing in tourism and destination marketing. His clients will agree, Glenn is a blast to work with and usually the most enthusiastic person in the room. Even better, he’ll never turn down an invite to grab a beer.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why he started Clark CSM
  • How Clark CSM got its foothold in the travel and tourism industry
  • What Glenn did for a skiing location in a year with no snow
  • How telling the right story allowed Glenn to help a coffee shop stand out
  • Why you need to work on the business, not in the business
  • What Glenn is doing with the craft beverage industry
  • How to create a powerful, memorable brand through authentic marketing
  • Why it’s important to connect in person — not just on social media
  • The creative branding blogs that Glenn has launched

Ways to contact Glenn:


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