Eliza Kozlowski & Stacey VanDenburgh

Episode 85: Guiding the Experience at a Time-Honored Institution, with Eliza Kozlowski & Stacey VanDenburgh

Being part of an established cultural institution is exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. You know you have so much to offer, but staying relevant and communicating your value is a job that never stops. In this episode, we explore one such place, the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. Eastman was…

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Stacy Jones

Episode 82: Stay on Track but Go with the Flow, with Stacy Jones

Celebrities and influencers post their amazing travel and adventure on social media all the time. Often, that is not by accident. Product placement and influencer marketing can bring attention and interest to your hotel or travel destination. In today’s episode, we talk with Stacy Jones, who has been doing product placement and influencer campaigns for…

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MANY Episode 5

Episode 80: Museum Series Part 5

We recently attended the 2018 Museum Association of New York annual conference and spoke with attendees from all over New York State representing all types of museums and cultural institutions. I found the conversations enlightening and inspiring. Through this series, I hope you will find a new perspective on this important segment of the tourism…

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Jennifer Bine

Episode 79: Are You (ADK) Experienced?, with Jennifer Bine

In an area known for its scenic mountains and lakes that can keep you exploring outdoors indefinitely – how do you draw people indoors to explore the history and present of this beautiful region? That’s the challenge for The Adirondack Experience – the museum on Blue Mountain Lake. Today in this episode, Nicole is joined…

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