Marketing Tourism through the Crisis

It feels like the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything - and it has, in a way. But calling these times "unprecedented" isn't exactly accurate. Many challenges have arose in our lifetime and even before. Challenges in the business world are plentiful as well, whether that be innovating beyond the confines of your industry, facing off with a competitor, changing reputation or brand perception. We are at our creative best when faced with a challenge and we can learn from those who have gone through hard times in the past. Our team has culled through countless articles, research studies and case studies to create a path forward for tourism destinations, organizations and businesses to market through this crisis. In this presentation, learn about the actionable steps you can take right now and in the future to set yourself up for success - and how to use data to shift your mindset to "world-changing," big picture thinking.

Break the Ice Media CEO Nicole Mahoney presented this webinar for Visit Rochester and their stakeholders on May 7, 2020. If you are interested in hosting a presentation for your organization, contact We are happy to offer this free service to the industry we love so much!

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Watch these great examples

When you are ready to open and have established your protocols, show what you'll do - don’t just tell. Watch these great examples of businesses sharing their new visitor experience:

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