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Speaker bio

David Holder, CDME

Over his 20-year career, David Holder led a variety of destination marketing organizations. He focused these organizations to drive demand, utilize creative differentiation, and implement comprehensive strategies for destination growth. His work as a destination executive prepared him for consulting specializing in community-wide strategic planning and research adaptation.

As Vice President, Tourism at JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group David has consulted with many destination clients including; Visit Sarasota County, Florida, High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau, North Carolina, Visit Fort Collins, Colorado and Catch Des Moines, Iowa.

David’s prior experience includes successfully developing brands and improved organizational effectiveness for three different destinations –Syracuse, NY; Fredericksburg, VA; and Corning, NY. His work in strategic planning restructured Visit Syracuse as an independent organization fully connected with regional economic development initiatives, the Finger Lakes Region and the iconic I Love NY state tourism program.

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