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Creating an Unforgettable Brand for your Tourism or Craft Beverage Destination

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Glenn Clark is a brand strategist, a designer, and the founder of Crafting A Brand, a branding and creative services consultancy in Rochester, New York. Crafting A Brand helps businesses and organizations build long-lasting brand strategies to differentiate their products in competitive marketplace through engaging brand communications tactics (like marketing collateral, packaging, logos, video, online communications and more) that help consumers understand what’s special and unique about your brand. Glenn has worked at ad agencies in Boston, Syracuse and Rochester, and in 2001 he played an integral role in launching the Vine Design design studio to service Constellation Brands at the Partners + Napier agency in Rochester. Glenn started his marketing firm in 2003, and in March 2018 he rebranded the firm as Crafting A Brand to provide branding and marketing services to beer, wine, spirits and cider producers.

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