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Evaluating Public Relations: Using the Barcelona Principles

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Day 3 Sarah Colleen

Colleen Onuffer

Colleen uses her passion for writing and story-telling in her role as a Consultant at Break the Ice Media. Since her start in 2016, Colleen has helped her clients find their essential stories and develop targeted messages. Colleen devotes her time to collaborative campaigns, utilizing travel public relations to attract Canadian visitors to the United States and drafting engaging content to encourage visitation along a year-long haunted tourism trail.

Colleen enjoys making new travel media contacts by participating in Discover America Day and I Love NY’s media marketplace. She brings with her demonstrated successes in proactive media relations, travel public relations, content development and crafting strategic marketing plans. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and commitment to exceeding stakeholder expectations are reflected in her work and in the results she drives for her clients. She currently serves on the Public Relations Society of America, Rochester Chapter board as Secretary and chairs the Communications Committee.

Sarah Blackwell

Sarah’s excitement for PR and social media has led her to secure great exposure for her clients. Since joining Break the Ice Media in 2013, she has brought a fresh perspective, creativity and attention to detail to every project she works on. As a highly talented writer, Sarah easily becomes the “voice” of many diverse clients for their content, stories and blogs, allowing them to effectively connect with their target audiences.

Through her work on collaborative programs, such as the Haunted History Trail of New York State and Ski Finger Lakes, Sarah understands the importance of pleasing multiple stakeholders and promoting a unified message. With her extensive experience in media relations, she knows how to cultivate relationships with journalists across the United States and Canada. Combining her passions for PR and volunteering, Sarah is actively involved with the Public Relations Society of America, Rochester Chapter, and is serving as President-Elect in 2019.

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