Collaboration in Marketing – Destination Marketing Ideal Benchmark


Collaboration in marketing makes good business sense and is a core value at Break The Ice Media. Working together, partners with similar goals, values and visions can leverage combined resources to create marketing programs bigger than they can do on their own. We have several clients who understand the many benefits of collaborative marketing. They…

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Storytelling Content is Key in Tourism Marketing

Storytelling content is key to tourism marketing

In a world where “print is dead” visitors guides across the tourism industry seem to be doing just fine. The demand remains high for the information offered, as visitors try to work out what attractions to see, where to grab a bite, and the best assets offered in a particular destination. It’s clear that this…

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How to Market a Destination

How to market a destination

Last month, I attended the “Win More Business” workshop for Agency Owners given by Agency Management Institute and The Mercer Island Group. Many of the principles from the workshop apply to how to market a destination. Especially for tourism marketers and CVB sales teams who are looking to attract group, meeting and convention business. Understanding…

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