Co-opetition: Good For Business

Co-opetition: Good for Business

I am a huge believer in co-opetition – where perceived competitors cooperate and together create something bigger than they could do on their own. It is this type of collaboration that I think makes the biggest impact and the guests on my podcast Destination on the Left believe it too. I have been learning from…

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Collaborative Marketing in Tourism: Working Together to Lift All Boats

Collaborative Marketing in Tourism Working Together to Lift All Boats

In the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, we understand how difficult it can be to grab the attention – and reservation – of a visitor. With limited time and a set budget, travelers have the tough decision of choosing where to go. As a destination, you may often feel like you’re competing against other tourist…

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Collaboration in Marketing – Destination Marketing Ideal Benchmark


Collaboration in marketing makes good business sense and is a core value at Break The Ice Media. Working together, partners with similar goals, values and visions can leverage combined resources to create marketing programs bigger than they can do on their own. We have several clients who understand the many benefits of collaborative marketing. They…

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