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Creating Your Travel and Tourism Marketing Strategies and Plan

Creating your Tourism Marketing Strategies and Plan

We recently released a 5-part video series on how to create your tourism marketing plan for the new year. The planning process can be broken into 5 easy-to-follow steps: setting marketing objectives, reviewing research and the current situation, defining target audience, creating key messages and outlining the tactical plan. Planning is the most critical thing…

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How to Market a Tourist Destination

how to market a tourist destination

Is your destination saleable? Of course it is! Sales is sales whether the product is tangible or not. In selling a destination, establishing relationships is the single most important factor. We’re not going to say “our widget can make your life easier and is cost-effective.” We’re going to say, “come visit us and we will treat you to…

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Social Media Measurement for Tourism Marketing

social media measurement for tourism marketing

Social media is a crucial part of any 2018 tourism marketing plan. But any good plan is predicated on being able to prove the worthiness of the results of your effort. That’s where social media measurement comes in. Measurement can get tricky because each platform has a different way of displaying their analytics, so let’s…

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