Social Media Measurement for Tourism Marketing

social media measurement for tourism marketing

Social media is a crucial part of any 2018 tourism marketing plan. But any good plan is predicated on being able to prove the worthiness of the results of your effort. That’s where social media measurement comes in. Measurement can get tricky because each platform has a different way of displaying their analytics, so let’s…

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Canadian Tourism – Alive and Well

Canadian Tourism Alive & Well

There is much speculation around Canadian tourism and travel to the U.S. Are they still coming? How often do they come? How does President Trump’s international travel ban affect border crossing? What about the exchange rate? Who is coming? These are all valid questions, and concerns. But I’m here to tell you that our neighbors…

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Inspiration for Destination Marketing

Inspiration for destination marketing

In July, I attended Destinations International (formerly DMAI) in Montreal to expand my knowledge of destination marketing and to network with tourism professionals from around the world. The experience was more than I expected- I met fantastic people, learned new ideas and came away inspired to do more for our destination marketing organization clients. Here…

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Travel Marketing Tips from a Tourist’s Perspective

Travel marketings tips from a tourist's perspective

Recently, I had the chance to spend two weeks in the Mediterranean – visiting Venice, Italy, three Greek Islands, Montenegro, and Croatia. As any true tourism pro would, I couldn’t help but look at my experiences in these destinations as a learning experience. I constantly found myself asking, “How am I being treated as a…

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