The Adventures of a BTI Intern


From my first day at Break The Ice Media, I knew this wasn’t going to be the stereotypical dreadful internship where I would be doing “grunt work.” I wouldn’t be running around getting coffee orders, stuffing envelopes, or walking the boss’s dog (even though I wouldn’t have minded the dog part). I wouldn’t be shoved in a corner away from the rest of the team.

No, as soon as I walked through the door at BTI I was shown my own desk with the rest of the team. I was part of a team meeting where they presented a client information boot camp, and assigned me a bunch of client work, actual work, press releases, blogs, twitter posts, and itineraries. Within those first few hours one thing was for sure, the internship at BTI would not consist of me doing menial tasks for a prolonged period of time, this would be an internship where I will constantly be doing and learning about something I am passionate for.

My name is Camille Audette. I am a senior at St. John Fisher College studying Media Management and Sociology, and I just spent the last 12 weeks as an intern at Break the Ice Media.

I learned so much while working with the Break the Ice Team. I learned how to develop a creative press release for travel writers. I learned how to draft social media posts using different language for the various clients. I learned how willing people are to use their knowledge and skills to help out those in need of assistance. And most importantly I learned what it is like to work with awesome people.

Nicole, Camille, and Sarah may be a small team but they are strong. They are a group of remarkable women who are driven and passionate. Every single day when I came into work they got right down to business for their clients and were constantly discussing how they could achieve more. I believe that the people I come across in life shape me as a person. The team at BTI brought out my ability to work hard and always believe that more can be achieved. So for my internship I didn’t just learn about press releases, and pitches but I also learned more about who I am as a person and how that will carry over to my career in life.

-The Intern



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