Three Childhood Lessons I Learned That Apply to My Internship

Growing up with five siblings I learned the benefits of teamwork at a young age. Our parents would constantly tell us to do our chores before we could do anything else for the day. This happened so often we ended up creating a system. We’d split up the different tasks, such as who was going to put away the Polly Pockets and who needed to vacuum, and all at once we’d begin to clean. It was always the most efficient way to get chores done so we could go play outside. Who knew the hidden lessons these six young children learned while doing their chores would help me at my first internship?


Lesson #1 – A Team is Better Than One

As a child I learned that things got done much faster with my siblings than when I did them by myself.

At Break the Ice Media teamwork is an essential part of the culture. We gather at our desks in one big office to work on client projects, some similar and some different. We all know the clients and what the others are working on. If one team member is struggling all you have to do is speak up and help is only a few steps away. By working together we are able to solve problems quicker and create well rounded and fully thought out work.


Lesson #2 – Organization Goes a Long Way, But Creates a Shorter Way

If kids age two to ten can plan out and put together a system, then you better believe it’s important.

I tend to be a little bit of an unorganized person myself but that was the first thing that changed when I got to BTI. We have a shared server where everything is broken down alphabetically, then by work type, and finally by month. When I saw this on my first day I knew I would need to step up my organization game. It’s so important to have this system at BTI because everyone is constantly working on different projects and needed files that were from months ago. By having this system of organization we can always pull up a file to show a client previous work we have done, or put up a #tbt Facebook post with all the old pictures we have saved. BTI has definitely taught me that no matter what you’re doing in life it’s a good idea to be organized.


Lesson #3 – Know Your Strengths To “Lift” Your Team Up

When you’re children who need to clean in order to go outside you’ll make sure you’re good at something.

At BTI none of the team members need to “make sure” they are good at something they naturally are, along with learning a whole bunch in school. Nicole, Camille, and Sarah understand that they each have their personal strengths. They focus on work that personally suits them but are helping one another and learning something new all at the same time. I’ve observed this so much over my past month here. The team at BTI knows what they are good at and what they need to improve on. Acknowledging and understanding this lead them to producing fantastic work together.


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