In this FREE webinar training, Nicole will walk you step-by-step through:


The 7 steps used to build plans for Break the Ice Media travel, tourism and hospitality clients.


How to apply data and strategic thinking to your planning process so you can build back stronger.

wrong way

The four biggest mistakes marketers make when planning for the future.

Rebuilding the travel, tourism and hospitality industry requires a plan. We don’t have a crystal ball ...

but we have over ten years of experience developing strategic plans for travel, tourism and hospitality brands.

Most of our marketing plans were written prior to March 2020 and designed for the world as it was. Building a roadmap to recovery will require a new plan, new priorities and new thinking. You may be:

  • concerned about traveler interest for your area or attraction
  • facing cutbacks and setbacks in staff, budget and other resources
  • unsure what the other side of this pandemic will look like for travel

A new marketing plan based on data, research and strategic insights will provide you with the right tools to build back stronger. This webinar will take you through the 7 steps we use at Break the Ice Media to create strategic marketing plans for our travel and tourism clients. We will train you to create your plan in the same way we train a new team member by sharing our process with full transparency so you can DIY your strategic marketing plan for 2021.

We want you to be stronger at the end of this crisis and planning is the first step in being ready for recovery. I hope you will join us!


Stronger together!